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How do I schedule a tour?

We would love the opportunity to show you the venue and to discuss the details of your event.  We will schedule a time with you when another event is taking place in the rooms that you would like to see. Complete the Contact Us Form and you will be called to schedule your tour.

Do you have options for payment?

An initial deposit is due at the time to book your event.  

Is outside catering available?

We have an open-vendor policy at II GATHER. You are able to bring in any vendor that you would like, including the caterer of your choice, with no restrictions.  A list of local, referenced vendors can be provided. 

What is your alcohol policy?

Contact us for more information. II GATHER alcohol policies are subject to state laws.

What are the available hours to book at II GATHER?

II GATHER is available for events seven days from 7am-midnight. Complete the Contact Us form with as many details as and we will contact you for specific details.

How do I book my event?

Complete the Contact Us Form and a specialist will contact you.


Is there a Bride's Room and a Groom's Room where I can get ready?

The Bride’s Room  and Groom's Room provides a great space to get ready for the big day as well as store personal items during your event. Each room is rented individually unless you choose to book the whole building. 

Can we come in early to decorate?

You are allowed access to your rooms when your time block starts, so if you know you will be needing extra time to decorate, make sure you include your decorating time in whatever time block you choose. When your time block begins, we will have all of your tables, chairs and tablecloths set so the room will be ready for you or your vendors to decorate at that time.


Is there a catering kitchen?

II GATHER provides a prep space that features a sink, refrigerator and counter space. We also provide ice and use of a microwave as needed.  Our catering kitchen is not equipped with a stove or oven.

What about cooking our own food at the building?

II GATHER provides a prep space, however it does not come equipped with a stove or oven. The prep space is ideal for preparing cold items and placing warm items in chaffing dishes. Caterers or restaurants should be prepared to bring the food in hot boxes to keep it warm for your event.